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Currently, the study of space weather becomes more important because it has a direct impact especially to satellite technology which has become our daily necessity. The recent condition of space weather very determined by solar activity. Solar flare which is mostly come from an active region on the sun surface (photosphere) is one of the sources of changing in solar activity. However, its mechanism has been debated for a long time. But the measurement of the photospheric magnetic field on an active region can provide understanding and probably predicting flare event. Nowadays dynamics of photospheric magnetic field properties can be seen easily by Helioseismic and Magnetic Imager’s (HMI) data product onboard Solar Dynamic Observation (SDO) spacecraft called Space-weather HMI Active Region Patches (SHARPs). The aim of this research is identifying some of photospheric magnetic field properties for active region that produce X and M flare and non-flaring active region. We analyze several active regions, i.e. AR 12297 that produced X2.1 flare, AR 12371 that produced M7.9 and AR 12532 as a flare-quiet active region. After the calculation, the parameters of AR 12297 have higher values compared to parameters of AR 12532, almost double for some parameters. Comparing AR 12297 with AR 12371, total flares and active region complexity have an influence on those parameters values.


photosphere active region magnetic field flare HMI

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