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Floods often occurs in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta. This is because of located in the lowlands and a downstream area of the 13 rivers,there are factors that serve as the cause of flooding in Jakarta, especially when the rivers are overflowed due to extreme rainfall. One of the efforts to control the overflow built floodgate area at some rivers, such as Katulampa and water level monitoring which aims as an flood early warning in Jakarta . But they are not enough to reduce the impact of flood. Another tools are required to monitoring and as an flood early warning system in Jakarta, for example, the application of the method of Depth Area Duration (DAD) in Jakarta. The DAD curve obtained that the severe flood in Jakarta is not only caused by run off from the upstream area which is informed by water level status ‘siaga 1’ at Katulampa water gate, but also the caused by extreme rainfall in Jakarta.


severe flood water level Depth Area Duration (DAD) method

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