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The dynamics of ionosphere layer changes can be learned by utilizing the total electron content (TEC) data derived from GPS signal observation data. In this study, JOG2 GPS data (70o45 '50.4 "S and 110o22' 22.8" E) 2016 have been used. GPS data is processed by using GOPI software. For ionospheric variation analysis, TEC of GOPI output data is processed by using harmonic analysis. It was found that the result of diurnal variation of TEC has a similar pattern that has a TEC peak during the day around 14:00 to 15:00 LT which depends on seasonal variation as a result of the sun's zenith angle position which determines the intensity of ionization energy in the upper atmosphere. While seasonal variations show the highest value in March and September. The peak diurnal variation is caused by a combination of solar radiation intensity and the ionospheric plasma transport process due to the electric field and magnetic field in the ionosphere.


GPS Total Electron Content diurnal seasona

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