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The condition of the Indonesian territory approximately 2/3 of the area is the sea which is about
3,273,810 km² making Indonesia the largest maritime country in the world. These conditions became the
background of the LAPAN-A2 and LAPAN-A3 satellite missions to monitor ships in Indonesia by carrying
AIS (Automatic Identification System) Receiver. AIS is an automatic tracking system used to carry out
maritime monitoring. After the satellite receives AIS data on the AIS Receiver, then AIS data is sent to the
earth segment. Although the AIS package format has a CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) to check for errors
during transmission, LAPAN-A3 satellite also has Reed Solomon as forward error correction. By comparing
the data received from the LAPAN-A2 satellite and the LAPAN-A3 satellite, the percentage of errors for
satellite transmission is 2% for the LAPAN-A2 satellite and 0.5% for the LAPAN-A3 satellite. Considering
that in every AIS message received there is information about the name, time, position, and several other
parameters of a ship, then losing some data due to an error in transmission, can cause information to be
lost, therefore the use of error correction in AIS data transmission can improve information quality of the
received AIS data


Automatic Identification System LAPAN-A2 LAPAN-A3 Reed Solomon

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